Attributes for Digital Insurance Distribution Success

The pandemic has provided a strong tailwind for online retail, and the same pressures will accelerate online insurance buying and digital service interactions in insurance distribution. There are the four key attributes necessary for digital distribution of insurance, and how a particular insurance distributor delivers a customer experience with the four key attributes noted is the key to success.

Paradigm Shifts & Insurance

The pandemic has changed our lives and our businesses. Some of those changes will be permanent paradigm shifts, and some of these paradigm shifts will be opportunities for innovation. Much of the shift to online that has been imposed by the pandemic will remain, and the online shift will accelerate in insurance after this difficult period is past. The most significant paradigm shifts in insurance will likely be technology driven and may begin to create a digital divide, creating winners and losers.

Covid-19: The Case for Contingency Planning

The Covid-19 virus (Coronavirus) has spread worldwide, and all organizations should be assessing their exposure, specific challenges, and planning steps they can take. The Covid-19 virus may be a survival threat for startup and early stage companies, including Insurtechs, trying to get traction or ramp up sales. The ability to raise capital at a favorable valuations, or at any valuation, may be significantly impacted.