The Innovate Insurance Blog will provide periodic information on innovation in the insurance business, with a focus on innovation, entrepreneurship and investing in insurance and Insurtech.  Posts are written by Bob Sargent and other contributors.

Entrepreneur, Strategic Advisor, Consultant, Board Member, InsurTech Investor, Author

Innovate Insurance is managed and written by Robert Sargent, with more than 45 years as an insurance expert, entrepreneur, investor and innovator. Bob is Co-Founder of eSpecialty Insurance, and is a strategic advisor to and active investor in early-stage insurance and Insurtech companies.  He is a consultant to investment and insurance organizations on creative product development, insurance innovation and risk strategies.

Bob was formerly EVP, Worldwide Facilities, and former Founder & President of Tennant Risk Services, and is the Managing Partner of Tennant Capital Partners.

Bob is or has been involved with a number of professional insurance organizations, including WSIA (the insurance wholesale organization, formerly NAPSLO) and PLUS (the Professional Liability Underwriting Society).  He has the CPCU, RPLU and ARM designations.  He is a Past President and prior member of the Board of Directors of NAPSLO (now WSIA), and the former Vice President and a Board member of the WSIA Educational Foundation (formerly the Derek Hughes/NAPSLO Educational Foundation).

Bob is a member of the National Safety Committee and the Risk Management Committee of Outward Bound, USA.

Bob has spoken and written on various topics in the insurance business.  Bob is the former author of the Specialty Insurance Blog.  He is a contributing author to Partners in Profits: The Managing General Agent System Under Fire, published by the CPCU Society, and to Insurance Agency Risk Management: A Comprehensive Guide to Avoiding E&O Claims, published by Thomson Reuters.

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